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WildCore: Dancing with the Divine Serpent


Saturday March 14 th, 2020

3:00-5:30 pm

Held at Shakti Soul Studio in Troy, Montana

Through movement, breath-work and journaling we will deepen our relationship with our inner serpent, learning new ways of moving from our inner slithery spine, outward to our body's largest organ, the skin. The serpents great teachings of non-attachment, non-judgement and walking in beauty will support us in shedding old layers, connect us with the earth element and offer an open invitation to embody our new skin.

Cost: $25 each or $40 per couple/two friends OR $35 at Door

Please register by contacting Tyann Hermes:

WildCore's Wise & Wild Woman Signature Program.

A 16 Week Journey through the Elements.

This sixteen week program invites us to dive deeply into the wisdom of the body through techniques designed from the 5 elements of the Earth. We will spend three weeks deeply in tune with each element, starting with Earth, then Water, Fire, Air & Space. The medicine of the elements is simple yet profound in its ability to self-diagnose, heal and revitalize the balance we desire. As many of you know it takes 21 days to shift out of an old habit and into a new. We get to spend 21 days with each element. Studying it's qualities somatically, energetically, collectively and medicinally. Leaving us more empowered and connected to the quality of life we crave. You can take this course at any time of the year AND if you would like to be part of the Wise & Wild Woman Circle, we will begin in this format next January.

The Wise & Wild Woman Sisterhood Circle
January 2021 - April 2021
Orientation Week Is January 6-10, 2021, where we set intentions and create space for our journey!

Wise Woman Vision Quest WEEKEND

April 24-26, 2021

Are you Craving?

If you are craving:
*Techniques to stay energetically empowered. 
*A sisterhood of women that travels together in deep reverence to their 

process and potentials.
*Movements that are functional and nourishing to the body and soul.
*One-on-one time with Brietta to heal, get inspired and go deeper into your WildCore practice.
*Techniques to activate your inner Medicine Woman.

So much more is offered in this Signature Program!

Who is this For?

*Healing Artists from any modality

*Seekers of Self-Care

*WildCore Teachers

*You will receive WildCore Continuing Education Credits when you complete this program.

Creative Empowerment


April 28 - May 3, 2020

This 5 day workshop is open to everyone and is a pre-requisite for the WildCore Teacher Training. To learn more about the offering, 

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A quote from a student after Creative Empowerment in Haines, Alaska.

"Like a muscle you don’t know you have until you try something new, through dance I discovered the wide-eyed wild creature in the core of my being. Raw and terrified. Joyful and free. My whole body feels more alive. I have always loved dance and loved to dance but never realized the power of it, in fact I never even knew I had my own wild core! "Thank you Brietta!

-Debi Knight Kennedy