Conscious Dance

Medicine for the Soul

As a student of WildCore you are encouraged to practice being aware of the living moment pulsing through your veins as the dance, throughout the class. During whole songs or periods of time we may spend in free-dance or conscious dance, open invitations are given to return to breath, enliven the thread or focus of class into your own movements and take time to listen to the body, the intuitive voice and fully commit to this time to self-heal.

WildCore offers the simple techniques of energy sweeping, adapted from both the Pranic Healing modality as well as the shamanic practices of the Peruvian Inca.

In fact, as WildCore was evolving the energy sweeping and the gathering in pranic wheels is what set WildCore apart from other movement modalities.

Each WildCore class has a pranic wheel or witness wheel, where we all gather in a circle.  The space in the center can be utilized for one dancer or several. Often we collectively visualize a fire in the center and begin our sweeping of unwanted energies into this fire. We then stabilize the energy through the whispering of the word ‘stabilize’, grounding of the energies back to mother earth.