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Teacher Training


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Dance in its many forms has brought people together since ancient times. It is an art that is lost to some and is being remembered for many. These are exciting times to infuse dance with yoga, to offer clients somatic invitations, to be empowered by the wisdom of your own body. People are hungry to dance whether they are conscious of it or not. The time is now to learn to create sacred space and open the floor to this expressive and healing form of movement, supporting ourselves and our communities to a path of wellness, balance and embodied living.
Wherever I have gone I have taught and there is a magnetism of like minds and hearts that gather. This occurs naturally and has supported me in continuing to dance in the most remote mountain towns. 
As teachers of WildCore we will have our own community through our online group, sharing inspirational videos, poems, music and threads. There will be opportunity for co creations and general support in creating your community wherever you are.

Fitness, Creative Expression and Healing-
WildCore is a great way to stay in dancer shape, meaning muscles are balanced in strength and flexibility, spatial awareness is heightened, new neural pathways are created and your heart/brain coherence finds its flow.  The functional & creative movement of a WildCore class can relate to the rhythms and cycles of the planet, supporting the inner and outer connection to the elements. Practicing WildCore on a regular basis encourages a resiliency within the body, which supports quick healing, stimulates inner growth and allows a space for our creative expression to unfold and evolve.

Leadership & Space Holding-
The WildCore Movement path will support the growth of your authentic style of leadership. There will be many opportunities to experience and design sacred space for a WildCore class, Dance Ritual, and One on One work with clients. 

Ritual and Balance-
The WildCore Movement path will offer personal, collective and seasonal rituals and resources that will keep you connected to your inner well spring of energy, intuition and insight that will serve as the muse for your classes.