WildCore™ Teachers

Korrine Rothrock

Korrine found a deep love for both dance and nature at a young age. Solitary adventures through the sagebrush lined canyon creek by her home, a lifestyle of family activism, and frequent dance instruction fastened her to the values that she lives by to this day.  

Korrine’s WildCore classes and choreography are a direct reflection of her passion for creative movement, ritual, and healing through nature. Her inherent knack for facilitation creates harmony within groups, reinforces interconnectedness, and empowers people to free up old patterns by tuning into the innate wisdom of their body.

Korrine’s life path has involved years of dance instruction, facilitating patient care at Coeur d’Alene Healing Arts naturopathic clinic, and over a decade of service with a non-profit program building community and environmental awareness through the development of urban grow spaces.

In addition to her current role as a wife and mother, she considers herself a life-long student of the earth.