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Fuel Your Passion In Mexico

March 2nd - 9th, 2019



There is still room for you!

Let the dance strengthen your body & spirit, allow your mind to relax into the present moment, open your heart to the nourishment of the ocean, sun, sand and community! This retreat is for everyBody!

The WildCore: Fuel your Passion Retreat offers a method that uses movement, ritual, journaling and relaxing in nature as the medicine to ignite & integrate your passion with balance and ease.

The method involves the 5 layers of Fueling your Passion. 

They are: *unwinding *clearing *fueling *firing *integrating.

We will spend an entire day with each layer. If your body is saying 'Yes'! I would like to invite you to read more of the description below and join me in a month in Mexico!

Mar de Jade Retreat Center


Enjoy 7 nights of beautiful accommodations, organic meals, optional spa treatments, excursions and ocean views.

We will gather in amazing studios and beaches!


Imagine beginning each day with a movement class within these open air walls or on the beach. All the colors, warmth and gentle invitations to drop into your body will fuel this week of transformation.

Workshop Details

Fuel Your Passion

Passion is a potent energy that is rooted in the heart and connects us to the craft or art form that is the raw expression of the soul. Our bodies are the vessels that this energy moves through and at times can become blocked, dormant or overworked. Brietta Leader the creator of WildCore has come up with 5 layers to Fuel Your Passion that will ignite the clarity of purpose and offer refueling techniques needed so you can claim your passionate expression and share it with the world.

Our days will include movement, ritual, journaling, relaxing, delicious meals and time in nature. Brietta's husband Rick will be available to lead hikes and outdoor adventures for any spouse that may not want to be involved in the retreat, but would still like to enjoy Mar de Jade.

The 5 Layers to Fuel Your Passion are:

*unwinding *clearing *fueling *firing *integrating

Through movement we will listen to the wisdom of the body, clear with energy hygiene tools, shift with dance ritual and integrate through journal writing. 

Description of the 5 Layers:

Unwinding is the layer that supports us in landing in the body and the present moment. Free of our normal routines we can indulge in our senses and the freshness of a new landscape. Through movement, breath-work and journaling we become aware of all that binds us from our creative flow. Perhaps we are overloaded with ideas & find it difficult to focus on just one. Or, there are so many responsibilities our passion gets put on the bottom of list. Unwinding will help identify these cords that bind us.

Clearing is the layer that teaches specific energy hygiene tools that support the balance of work, passion, play, health and relations in the everyday. Through WildCore, breath work & dance ritual we will take the cords identified in our unwinding layer and begin to shape shift & re-organize on a cellular level. The Clearing layer calls upon our inner healer and supports the creation of space and clarity within mind and body.

Fueling is the wood on the fire that sustains our inspiration and creative flow towards our passion. Through WildCore, ritual and sharing we will identify 5 main energies or actions (kindling) that fuel your passion on weekly, monthly and yearly cycles.

Firing is the day to claim your passion on a deeper level and ignite the inner spark that supports this dynamic evolution within you.

Integration Our final day of the retreat will be integrating the 5 layers of Fuel your Passion; unwinding, clearing, fueling, firing and integrating. You will have embodied and expressed each layer, written and shared your experience and can now take a day to practice cycling through the 5 layers as a way to prepare you for everyday life. 

Daily Outlook:

7:00-8:00 am Movement Meditation (Beach & Studio)

8:30-9:30 Breakfast

10:00-11:30 am WildCore Movement, Journaling (Studio)

11:30-12:30 Free Time

12:30 Lunch

1:30-4:00 pm Free Time

4:00-6:00 pm WildCore Ritual, Energy Hygiene Tools, Journaling (Beach & Studio)

At least one evening session with Fire Ceremony!

And one day with the afternoon/evening off.


Cost of Retreat 'Fuel Your Passion'

Prices for accommodations, meals & more below

Mar de Jade Retreat Center Price


What's Included in Room Price Below:

*7 night accommodation

*Selected accommodation

*3 delicious buffet meals per day

*Coffee, tea & fruit all day

*Use of all resort facilities

*Resort staff gratuities

Not Included


*Retreat Tuition for Fuel your Passion

*Transportation To & From airport

*Excursions & resort activities

*Spa Treatments

*Bar Drinks

Selected Room Types

Room Types            Single               Double

Ocean Room           2,200                1,450

Garden Room         1,900                 1,350

Guest Room            1,650                 1,150

Women's Dorm         950

Reservations are a first come first serve basis.

We will be sharing the retreat center with other groups, so be sure to follow the link below and reserve directly through Mar de Jade for your accommodations. 

To reserve your spot within Fuel Your Passion, please follow the WeTravel registration link below.

Here is the information to book within Mar de Jade Retreat Center:




Deposit and Payment Schedule


Early Bird: first 8 that register receives savings $125

This price is for Fuel Your Passion Instruction Only!

First 8: $500

Non-refundable deposit of $200 is due before October 1, 2019.

Final Balance is due no later than January 15, 2019.


Bring a Friend and receive $25 off each

If you and a friend want to indulge in this blissful week of Fuel your Passion receive an additional $25 off each.

Price would be $475 each

Non-Early Birds

The price for Fuel your Passion Instruction Only!

Price between December 15 and February 15


Non-refundable deposit of $250 is due before February 15, 2019

Registration after February  15, 2019 is $625 and requires payment in FULL.

Cancellation Policy

We will be making non-refundable deposits to third parties to make this retreat possible. The following cancellation fees apply to all registrations.

Cancel before November 15, 2018 fee


Cancel between November 15 & 2/15/19


Cancel after February 15, 2019


If you have to cancel within a month of the retreat you will be charged full amount.

If Brietta needs to cancel (for emergency only) All fees not covered by travel insurance, including deposit will be reimbursed. Plane fare cannot be reimbursed. Mar de Jade may have different cancellation policies, please refer to their web sight for details.

Traveling to Mexico

Make your flight to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico arrive Saturday March 2, 2019 between 2:00-4:00 pm.

There is a reliable taxi service that can be arranged that will take you the 90 miles north. Mar de Jade is on Mountain time and Puerto Vallarta Airport is on Pacific time.

You will need a current passport to travel to Mexico. Be sure to apply in plenty of time before your departure date.

Return flight should be arranged March 9th between 2:00-4:00 pm unless you plan to continue your travels elsewhere.

You may want to consider travel insurance.

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