7 Month Online Self-Study

A Pre-Requisite for Creative Empowerment

WildCore™: Self Study- Online

 How it works:

Once a month you will receive a Theme (listed below) that will offer inquiries, journal entries and exercises to complete on your own timing. We will join a Facebook Group page where we can share videos, music, poems, thoughts and inspirations.

We will join at least 3 times throughout the 8 months for a one hour zoom meeting where we can share.

Here are the 8 Topics (Inquiries)  that we will study, not necessarily in this order.


-Designing playlists

-Styles of music

-Artist sharing


-Specific Techniques

-Insights on Respiratory System

-And the Elements

*No Mud No Lotus

-Learn to track thought patterns

-Clearing our energy debris

-Rituals to cleanse and transform

*Beauty is Everywhere

-Creating Sacred Spaces

-Reclaiming Beauty and Ugliness

-Inner qualities

*Creating Threads

-Sensing natural rhythms to recognize the teachings all around us

-What are WildCore threads and how can we practice weaving

-Awakening our Intuition

*Developing Somatic Language-Share Resource Books

-Energy Body- Chakra System 

-Metaphor- Ways to relate body to the world

-Physical Body- getting to know anatomy, physiology

*Listening to the Body's Intelligence

-Pick a muscle of body and listen all month

-Research and study this part of your body

-Design a sequence to heal, enliven or develop this muscle


-Masculine and Feminine Energies

-Sacred Daily Rituals for body and Earth

-The many roles we hold



For 7 month Online Self-Study

$108, which includes workbook