Teacher Training


Online Self-Study

Creative Empowerment

Becoming a WildCore Teacher means that you have tapped your inner wellspring of inspiration, you have a passion for somatic education and are developing the skill to create and teach your own routines. 

Summer Mentorship June-September

What you will get:

~8 WildCore recorded videos
~One call per month with Brietta
~Inspiration: Music, Movements & Poems
~Read 4 Books over 4 Months

What you will do:
Read 4 Books that highlight the three main educational and inspiration points used as threads in WildCore classes which are the physical body, energy body and metaphor.
~Complete Journal Assignments
~Design Movement Mudras 
~Create from Art & Ritual Prompts
~Post one video per month of your movement designs

-Develop your own routine

Who can you teach? 
Friends and Family

Teacher Training Module

Each student will teach at least one class to the general public during this training in addition to learning the foundations within the 4 main Roots of WildCore.

The four main Roots of WildCore™ are:

Choreography, Conscious Dance, Breath-work & Belonging. 

Below is a short description of what you will learn within each of the roots that make the foundation of WildCore.


Learning the Roots of WildCore




My desire as your teacher is to highlight your inner choreographer, emphasizing the style of music, movements and play that align with who you are in the moment.  

We will practice a routine each day and have choreography breakdowns so we can better understand:  


*Timing, Cueing  

*Dance Technique  

*Yoga Technique  

*Spatial Awareness  

*Ballet, Jazz, African, Bellydance, Yoga Techniques & Blends  

The education and skills offered will create the foundation needed to create your own WildCore routines rooted in confidence, somatic intelligence, grace, alignment & joy.


Conscious Dance

Conscious Dance  

Included in this root are the Pranic Wheels or Witness Wheels that are woven into each WildCore class. Here we activate our ability to self heal through pranic sweeping and sensing the support of the group as we witness ourselves being seen and learn to hold space for others.  

Conscious Dance Techniques you will learn:  

*Keeping the thread(focus) alive during freedance  

*Cueing techniques and timing  

*Styles of music that invoke emotional body & moods to express  

*Creating Open Invitations   

*Reading the Room  

*Education on Pranic healing & chakra qualities   

*Developing your somatic language 


Breath-work & Belonging


The breath can support the dance and the dance can support the breath. Building awareness of our breath as we move can literally transform our dance experience from one level to another. The entire 5 day experience will have breath awareness woven through as we move, as we invoke class, as we close. The breath can connect us to the 4 elements and enhance our life experience. Here are some specific techniques I will be teaching.  

*Breath-work for opening your energetic channel. 

*787 as a way to relax the nervous system and take ourselves out of fight or flight.  

*Alternate Nostril Breathing



Our society lives with the illusion that we are all separate, yet in fact we are all so very connected. As teachers we will each navigate the sense of belonging differently. Love is the root that weaves us all together, as teachers we must soften our hearts, release judgements and be willing to be wrong.   

This would be a great evening discussion over dessert. I plan to offer:  

*Techniques to begin & end class in community  

*Ways to playfully get all students engaged  

*Eye contact  

*Heart connections  

*Dance Ritual



Online Self Study October 2019-April 2020

Creative Empowerment

Creative Empowerment Module: $432

 Food: $225 (Organic meals prepared with love by Chef Jennifer Ott)



Bunk House (only 4 available) : $245

Bedroom in House (only 3) : $310

Dorm Style (only 4 spots) : $225

1st Payment of $125 due February 15, 2020

Located Eureka Retreat Center

6162 Eureka Rd, Sagle, Idaho

Summer Mentorship

Cost: $300

Teacher Training Module

 DATES FOR 2020 October 13 - 18, 2020

Cost: $750

This does not include food or accommodations. 

We will be in Sandpoint renting an airbnb as a group or you can stay at your home.

Located at Embody Studio 823 Main St. and Brietta's 30 ft. yurt.

Ongoing Certification

After completing Self-Study and Creative Empowerment, Summer Mentorship and Teacher Training, you will be a Certified WildCore Teacher. There will be ongoing support and commitments to stay certified.

They are:

*Your profile will be on the WildCore Movement Web-sight

*You can choose to be a part of monthly group calls

*Certification fee would begin November 2021: $108 per year

*Short inspiring video's with choreography to weave into your classes.

*A forum to share music, movements & resource material.

*Attend one 3 to 5 day workshop every 2 years.