What is WildCore?

Welcome to WildCore™ movement, an exploration of:  

Choreography, Conscious dance, Breath-work and Belonging.  

WildCore™ is a dance based practice that explores the wilderness of body and soul. Leading the dancer on a path of untamed self-discovery, healing, and expressive movement that uses the power of metaphor as a bridge between the physical and energetic bodies.

In a WildCore experience we align with the seasonal shifts, natural cycles, the 5 main elements and recognize our impact as individuals in our community and world.

Each class blends choreography, conscious dance, breath-work and belonging, which naturally awakens our inner dancer, enlivens our well-being and inspires self-healing.

In a WildCore class the body is the primary teacher, the instructor is secondary, empowering the students to listen to their body sensations and somatic cues. In this way the students can deepen their relationship and modify movements and energy levels as needed.  

The class begins with a focus or thread that is woven through the class or workshop.  WildCore threads can be somatic, energetic, from a poem, honoring seasonal shifts, the elements or inspired from the living moment.  

The thread always leads us into a deeper exploration of the physical body. A weaving begins on the dance floor, an explorations of an idea will be danced and worked through somatic explorations and finally ready to be creatively woven into the students everyday dance of life. 

Learn about the Roots of the WildCore Tree



Supporting the mind body connection, conditioning and balance.

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Conscious Dance


Every move is the right move for your body.

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Breath-work & Belonging


Discover the power and support of the breath as you move & the ritual of dancing with others.

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Why WildCore?